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Avoid Visa Denials (Part 1) - Study & Work in Malaysia - QIUP.

Quest International University Perak

Avoid any sort of visa Denials studying in Malaysia!

At Quest International University Perak (QIUP), they believe that planting the seeds of curiosity in

students from the beginning will inspire them to make ‘knowledge-seeking’ their quest in life.

QIUP was specifically created for students to fulfil their intellectual thirst and ambitions. Here, graduates will be developed not only to be academically ahead, but professionally sought out as well. They want their students to embrace a strong conscience for humanity, respect the environment and feel passionately about issues affecting society. In short, QIUP has set out to produce outstanding citizens who positively impact the world. To create the best, one must also have the best. Hence, QIUP’s academicians have been picked for their passion, experience and brilliance in their respective fields. Students can look forward to learning from them, and be privy to the best research practices and most contemporary curriculum. QIUP students can also tap into their professors’ vast experiences in international research and have access to the best quality studies. These promise an exciting journey ahead. Because only the best attracts the best, their University is also home to Malaysia’s top scorers. They offer healthy competition and camaraderie that is the resounding mantra on campus.

You will be able to find more information about the university and the available accommodation offer (which ranks from 150 USD per month!) on the following Google Drive Link:


Contact us if you are interested to know our amazing offers in Malaysia! As always, we have the most affordable programs.

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