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RED Academy - West Education Group

RED was founded by Colin Mansell and Mandy Gilbert, two successful tech entrepreneurs who saw a skills gap in the Canadian tech sector. Fast forward to today and their connection to the industry still runs deep.

Year round, their spaces are packed with events; the vision is that of a school that is also a creative lab - a place where beginners and professionals alike can get together and work out the next big idea.

RED Academy is an industry-focused technology school that is carefully designed to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving tech sector. Their programs are developed to be modular and hyper-relevant to the industry. They teach their students the skills, tools and software to help them get ahead in today's constantly evolving technological economy.

RED Academy

Their program content, teaching style, and even the space itself, have all being designed around an "agency model" - where their student designers, developers and marketers work alongside one another to deliver real projects for their network of community partners.

To get more information about their Study & Work programs (with option to relevant internships) please follow the links bellow:


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1 King Street West 48 Floor, Toronto ON. M5H 1A1

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