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Language Programs

English  /  Other Languages

Post Grad Programs


Hansa Language Centre

Location:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada


General Tuition:  $575 CAD per month


Homestay Options

Housing Assistance Available

Additional Information:

Additional language programs available.


  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced English Courses

  • TOEFL & IELTS Preparation Courses

  • Additional language courses in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


Capital English Solutions

Location:  Toronto, Canada


General Tuition:  Contact Us


Residence and Homestay options.

Housing Assistance Available

Additional Information:

Located downtown around shops and cafes,


  • General English as well as Specialized English Courses.

  • Junior ESL courses available for students under 18.

  • Pathway Programs available to many Colleges and Universities.

  • Intensive CUPC: College and University Preparation Course available.

Vanwest College

Location:  Vancouver, Canada

                    Kelowna, Canada

English Certificate:  Approx. $3400 CAD

2-Year Post Grad: Approx. $19000 CAD


Residence and Homestay Options.

Additional Information:

Two Campus options in scenic British Columbia. Pathway opportunities to Universities & Colleges.


  • General English and English for Academic Purposes.

  • English for Business and the Workplace, and Exam Preparation.

  • Co-op program (paid & guaranteed), 150 co-op partner companies in BC

  • Certificate and Diploma Programs in the fields of Business. Communication, Customer Service, Commerce and Marketing.


BLI Language School

Location:  Montreal, Canada

              Quebec City, Canada


Weekly Tuition:  $280 CAD (24 lessons)


Homestay, Residence, Studios and Furnished Apartments available.

Additional Information:

Two campuses in Quebec.


  • Professional Language Courses in both French or English.
  • Full time and part time at various intensity levels in either languages.

  • Elementary, High School and Evening Course Options.

  • Summer, Vacation and Corporate training programs available.

  • Option to learn both English and French simultaneously.


Bridge Education Group

Location:  New York and Denver, USA


Weekly Tuition: $290 - $420 USD


  • Various options available: General English, Business English, Academic English and Live & Learn programs.

  • Pathway opportunities to Capital University, Colorado Mesa University, Concordia University (St. Paul), Husson University, Manhattanville College, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Philadelphia University, and Western New England University.


Host Family and Hostel options available.

Additional Information:

Locations in both New York and Denver. Many pathway options to Colleges/Universities.



  • Flexible Start dates and six levels of classes, from beginner to advanced.

  • English Courses focus on speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary, writing and grammar.

  • TOEFL Preparation integrated into the program.

  • Options for Private or Semi-Private Lessons in the evening.

Language Pacifica

Location:  California, USA


General Tuition: $650 USD / month


Homestay and Furnished Apartments options.

Additional Information:

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley in the southern part of San Francisco.


Zoni Language Centers

Location:  New York, USA

General Tuition:  $975 USD / 6 weeks


Homestay, Residence, Room Rentals, Shared Homes and Apartment options.

Additional Information:

Many Campus options around the New York area. (Manhatten, Flushing and New Jersey.)


  • General English Programs, TOEFL Preparation, Cambridge Preparation, IELTS Preparation, ESL for Business, Combination Courses.

  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced levels available.

  • Flexible start dates. Usually able to begin classes on any Monday.

Mentora College

Location:  Washington, DC, USA


Monthly Tuition:  $900 - $1140 USD


Homestay options available. Housing options available through Island Condos LLC.

Additional Information:

Located in the nation's capital city, steps away from the White House.


  • Intensive ESL Program, Test Preparation, Certificate Programs, Private Programs, Summer Programs.

  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced levels available.

  • Pathway opportunities to many American Universities upon completion.

  • English specialization courses like Law and Business English.


Maximo Nivel

Location:  USA and South America

Annual Tuition:  $ 6500 USD


Family-stay, Student Residence, Private Apartment, Hostel or Hotel.

Additional Information:

Work/Study opportunities available in Miami, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru.


  • Immersive Language courses in either English or Spanish.

  • Internships included in price in a variety of fields, Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Medical, and Human Rights.

  • Small groups, private classes, super intensive, specialized language courses like Medical Spanish and Spanish for Business.

  • Volunteer opportunities, TEFL certification, High School and Summer courses as well as University pathways.


The Liverpool School of English

Location:  Liverpool, England


General Tuition:  £185 per week


  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced English Courses

  • IELTS Preparation Courses

  • Business English and English in the Workplace Courses

  • English plus Laboratory Skills

  • Internship Placement Preparation

  • LISS London Summer School (Ages 14-17)


Homestay Available (£130 per week)

Residence Available, (£140 per week)

Additional Information:

Sightseeing Activities and Excursions included.


New College Group

Location:  Liverpool, England

              Manchester, England

General Tuition:  £185 - £220 per week


Homestay (£135 per week)

On-Suite (£130 per week)

Studio Apartments (£180 per week)

Additional Information:

Sightseeing Activities and Excursions included.

2 Campus options.


  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced English Courses

  • Business English

  • IELTS Preparation

  • Corporate Training

  • Summer School (12-17) Manchester Campus


LILA Liverpool

Location:  Liverpool, England

General Tuition:  £175 - £230 per week


Homestay, Residence, Hostel, Shared and Studio apartments options available.

Additional Information:

Weekly social activities including music, sports, culture, and visits to other cities/towns in the UK.


  • General English, Exam Prep, Cambridge Exam and University Prep.

  • Career Development, Business English and Teacher Training courses.

  • Evening, online and one-on-one options available.

  • Junior Program for ages 12 -17 

  • Additional language courses available as evening courses. (Including: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Turkish, and Russian.)



  • General and Examination courses offered at various difficulty levels.

  • Business and professional orientated English courses, some including internship placement (restrictions apply).

  • Junior courses for ages ranging from 12 - 18. Group options available.

  • Summer Camp and Sports/Activity focused learning programs.

  • Additional campuses in UK and USA for some course options.

Emerald Cultural Institute

Location:  Dublin, Ireland


General Tuition: 

€4690 (20 hours over 25 weeks)

€6435 (20 hours over 35 weeks)


Options available for Homestay, Residence, Guesthouses, Hotels, Apartments & Host Families.

Additional Information:

Explore Dublin and learn more about the city’s rich heritage in history, music and literature.


ISI Dublin

Location:  Dublin, Ireland

General Tuition:  €3965 (20 hours / 25 weeks)


Host family, Apartments, Group Residential.

Additional Information:

Optional tours every Saturday to visit some of Ireland’s most famous landmarks.


  • General English, Business-specific English Courses.

  • Academic Year Program with options to work part-time while studying.

  • Exam preparation programs available.

  • There are also options for one-on-one lessons.

  • Summer camp, school group, and high school options available.

Nova English

Location:  Melbourne, Australia


English Language:  Contact Us.

Certificate/Diploma: $5000-$10000 AUS/year


Homestay, Student Hostels, and Private Rentals available.

Additional Information:

In association with Nova Institute of Technology.


  • General English, English for Academic Purposes, IELTS Preparation, English for High School.

  • Certificate/Diploma programs in the fields of: Graphic Design, Interactive Digital Media, Business Leadership, Business Management, Retail Baking, and Advanced Baking.


Viva College

Location:  Brisbane, Australia

English Language:  $2500 AUS / 24 weeks

Certificate/Diploma: $7900 AUS / 54 weeks


Shared accommodation and Homestay options.

Additional Information:

Located in the middle of the Queen Street Mall in the heart of Brisbane’s central business district.


  • 6 levels of English Courses from Beginner to Advanced.

  • General English, Certificate English and Cambridge Prep.

  • Conversational English and Specialized English Courses for Engineering, Flight Attendants or for Industry.

  • Certificate Programs in Business, Tourism and Customer Service.

  • Diploma Programs in Business and Leadership.


Wentworth Institute

Location:  Sydney, Australia

English School:  $220 AUS per week

Diploma Programs: Approx. $13600 AUS


Accommodation assistance available.

Additional Information:

Located in the beautiful city of Sydney with easy access to financial institutions, entertainment, and shopping.


  • General English or English with Academic Purpose.

  • Certificate programs in Accounting and Business.

  • Diploma programs in Leadership and Management, Accounting, Financial Planning and Interpreting (Mandarin).

  • Bachelor's Degree programs in Business, Interactive Media, and Professional Accounting.


Perth International College of English

Location:  Perth, Australia

General Tuition:  $290 - 350 AUS per week


Homestay, Shared Accommodation, and Hostel options available.

Additional Information:

Located in the heart of the city. Excursions available and options for Internship placements.


  • General English and Intensive English options available.

  • Cambridge Exam Preparation and English for Academic Purposes.

  • Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking and English for Business.

  • Pathway into Perth Internship Placement Program.


  • Language Courses for English or Spanish at various levels.

  • Additional languages available: French, German, Catalan, Chinese.

  • Exam Preparation and Weekend options also available.

  • Add activities to the course like Cooking, Wine-tasting, or Sports.

  • Summer School Programs for  Children and Teens available.

Barcelona Language College

Location:  Barcelona, Spain


General Tuition:  €295 per week


On-Campus Cottage Residence, Nearby Hotel-Apartments,  Shared Hostels, or Host Families.

Additional Information:

Sightseeing Activities and Excursions available.


ISL Language School

Location:  Koblenz, Germany

                   Munich, Germany

General Tuition:  €6800 per year


Nearby residence, shared or single apartments, hotels, and hostels available.

Additional Information:

Pathway opportunities into German Universities upon completion.


  • General English Language and Business English Courses.

  • German Language courses with options to proceed into a German University upon completion. (Require B2 or C1 Level.)

  • B2 Level usually takes 7.5 months to reach.  The C1 level may require a additional 3-5 months depending on a student's ability.
  • German University Education is offered free to those with the language level. Opportunities to obtain residence status in Germany.

Home Language International

Location:  Europe and Worldwide


General Tuition:  Varies depending on location and duration. Contact Us.


  • Lessons conducted in the teacher's home for full immersion. Explore the region of your choosing and receive a first hand cultural experience.

  • English, Dutch, Finnish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish in over 22 countries associated with the corresponding language.

  • 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours per week of private language lessons.

  • Combine language lessons with Sports, Culture and Leisure activities.

  • Options for students of all ages and language levels.


Accommodation is provided by your private language instructor. Many options available.

Additional Information:

Sightseeing Activities and Excursions included.


Cape Studies Language School

Location:  Cape Town, South Africa

General Tuition:  $200 USD per week


Student Residence and Homestay options.

Additional Information:

Located in Cape Town, near the city center, waterfront and scenic beaches.


  • Standard, Intensive, Private and Business English options available.

  • TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS and certificate preparation options.

  • Internship and Volunteer programs available for students.

  • Explore the region and participate in local social projects.

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