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Language Programs

English  /  Other Languages

Post Grad Programs


BLI Language School

Location:  Montreal, Canada

              Quebec City, Canada


Weekly Tuition:  $280 CAD (24 lessons)


Homestay, Residence, Studios and Furnished Apartments available.

Additional Information:

Two campuses in Quebec.


  • Professional Language Courses in both French or English.
  • Full time and part time at various intensity levels in either languages.

  • Elementary, High School and Evening Course Options.

  • Summer, Vacation and Corporate training programs available.

  • Option to learn both English and French simultaneously.


Alaji French

Location:  Toul, France


General Tuition:  140€ per week


Housing Assistance Available

Additional Information:

Certified French courses and many other adult-learning programs in multiple locations.


  • French Language programs catered specifically to non-french speakers.

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels available.

  • Business and Workplace-specific French Courses available as well.

  • Focus on speaking/writing and integration into French culture & society.


Location:  Montpellier, France

General Tuition:  225€ per week


Host family, Student Residence, Shared Accommodation, Private Studio, Private Apartment, and Hotel options.

Additional Information:

Wide range of social and cultural activities and excursions in the scenic South of France.


  • French Language Courses: Standard, Intensive and One-on-One options.

  • Exam preparation courses (DELF DALF, IB, A/AS level)

  • French Cooking Lessons available as well or discovery activities.

  • French for Professionals and Teenager (11-16) programs available.



Location:  Lyon, France


General Tuition: 190€ per week (27 hours)


Student Residences, Host Family options, and Housing Assistance available.

Additional Information:

Located in the heart of scenic Lyon, France. A great French city with an affordable cost of living.


  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced French Language Courses.

  • General, Intensive and Personal Workshop Classes available.

  • Specialized French options focusing on business, law, culinary and pastry-making, journalism and literature, medicine, architecture, fine arts and art history, cinema, philosophy, fashion.


Maximo Nivel

Location:  USA and South America

Annual Tuition:  $ 6500 USD


Family-stay, Student Residence, Private Apartment, Hostel or Hotel.

Additional Information:

Work/Study opportunities available in Miami, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru.


  • Immersive Language courses in either English or Spanish.

  • Internships included in price in a variety of fields, Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Medical, and Human Rights.

  • Small groups, private classes, super intensive, specialized language courses like Medical Spanish and Spanish for Business.

  • Volunteer opportunities, TEFL certification, High School and Summer courses as well as University pathways.

Estudio Sampere

Location:  Madrid, Spain

General Tuition:  200€ per week


Homestay, Residence, Room Rentals, Shared Homes and Apartment options.

Additional Information:

Additional Campuses in Spain (Salamanca & Alicante) and South America (Ecuador & Cuba)


  • General Spanish, Intensive, Super Intensive, and Intensive Plus Courses.

  • DELE Preparation, Teacher Training and One-on-One options available.

  • Programs for Seniors (50+) also available.

  • Work Experience Program, includes Internship at a Spanish Company.


Escuela de Idiomas Nerja

Location:  Málaga, Spain


General Tuition:  221€ per week (20 hours)


Student Rooms in various sizes, Single/Shared Apartments, and Host Family options.

Additional Information:

Located in the scenic cultural town of Nerja. A coastal town on the Mediterranean. 


  • Spanish offered with Intensive, Super Intensive and One-on-One options.

  • Special programs for Juniors (12-18) and Seniors (50+).

  • Spanish Courses for Business, DELE Prep, University Prep and Teachers.

  • Spanish + Activity bundles. Choose from: Golf, Flamenco, Tennis, Salsa, Photography, and Scuba Diving.



  • Language Courses for English or Spanish at various levels.

  • Additional languages available: French, German, Catalan, Chinese.

  • Exam Preparation and Weekend options also available.

  • Add activities to the course like Cooking, Wine-tasting, or Sports.

  • Summer School Programs for  Children and Teens available.

Barcelona Language College

Location:  Barcelona, Spain


General Tuition:  €295 per week


On-Campus Cottage Residence, Nearby Hotel-Apartments,  Shared Hostels, or Host Families.

Additional Information:

Sightseeing Activities and Excursions available.


  • Intensive, Combination and Executive Spanish Courses options available.

  • Private lessons, as well as options for Young Adults and Seniors (50+)

  • Preparation for DELE Examination and options for Online Courses.

  • Spring and Summer Courses for Teenagers. Options for School Groups.

Colegio Maravillas

Location:  Málaga, Spain


General Tuition:  €195 per week


Homestay, Student Residence, and

Hotel-Apartments available.

Additional Information:

Cultural visits, sports, social outings and excursions offered throughout the year.


International House Valencia

Location:  Valencia, Spain

General Tuition: 135€ -190€ per week


Host Families, Shared Apartments, Residence, Studios, and Hotel/Hostels available.

Additional Information:

Located in the city center, surrounded by shops, historical sites and the energetic Spanish city life.


  • General & Intensive Spanish language Courses, and one-on-one options.

  • Spanish on the move (for 30+), options for Teenagers and Families.

  • Combined courses, Business Spanish and Exam/Academic Preparation.

  • Group options, Spanish + Sailing, Spanish + Football for groups. (Soccer)

  • Work & Study, Internship placement, Volunteer positions,


ISL Language School

Location:  Koblenz, Germany

                  Munich, Germany

General Tuition:  €6800 per year


Nearby residence, shared or single apartments, hotels, and hostels available.

Additional Information:

Pathway opportunities into German Universities upon completion.


  • General English Language and Business English Courses.

  • German Language courses with options to proceed into a German University upon completion. (Require B2 or C1 Level.)

  • B2 Level usually takes 7.5 months to reach.  The C1 level may require a additional 3-5 months depending on a student's ability.
  • German University Education is offered free to those with the language level. Opportunities to obtain residence status in Germany.

Communica Institute

Location:  Kobe, Hyogo, Japan


General Tuition:  ¥85,000 per month.


Dormitory, Lodging, and Homestay options.

Additional Information:

Located close to Sannomiya Station, explore the region and receive an immersive cultural experience.


  • Basic to Advanced levels available for Japanese language studies.

  • Long-term and Intensive options available.

  • Business Japanese course, Private Lessons available as well.

  • Seasonal Courses available (Winter, Summer, and Spring)


Beijing International Chinese College

Location:  Beijing, China

General Tuition:  €3965 (20 hours / 25 weeks)


Dormitories, Homestay, Private Studio and Shared Apartments available.

Additional Information:

Cultural Activities, Fitness and Recreation options available to enhance your experience.


  • Regular Chinese, Intensive, and HSK Preparation options available.

  • Private and One-on-One options also available.

  • Specialized course focused on Business Chinese.

  • Cultural courses that include additional activities: Chinese Knot, Playing Diabolo, Taiji Culture, Paper Cutting and Chinese Folk Music,

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